United States

August 2, 2007

Case: Chauncey Bailey

Editor of the weekly Oakland Post, Oakland, California.

Circumstances:   (+)

Around 7:30 a.m. as he was heading to the newspaper a masked man dressed in dark clothing shot him twice, fatally wounding him. The murderer then fled on foot.

Sentences:   (+)

Sentences reversed and acquittals:   (+)

Prisoners sentenced:   (+)

Released / Sentence commuted:   (+)

Jailed awaiting trial:   (+)

Devaughndre Broussard, aged 19, was arrested on August 7, 2007. He confessed to the crime, but later retracted. The trial of the alleged perpetrator is expected to be held before the summer of 2008.

Suspects not charged:   (+)

Fugitives:   (+)

Notes:   (+)

Shortly before his death Bailey was investigating the local business Your Black Muslim Bakery and its founder, Yusuf Ali Bey IV, believed to be involved in extortion, fraud, murders and kidnappings.