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March 30, 2010
IAPA to call for action on 88 unpunished murders in the Americas

A call by the IAPA for action in 88 cases of murder of journalists in the Americas from 1987 to date is to be sent to government officials of Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico and Peru, urging them to show greater political will to have the unpunished crimes fully solved.

The IAPA during its March 19-22 membership meeting in Aruba adopted eight resolutions on issues related to the impunity surrounding the murders of journalists and will send notes on the matter to the governments of the seven nations and to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), urging final resolution of the crimes, identifying both the perpetrators and the masterminds in each case and bringing them to justice.

The IACHR will be asked for information about progress in nine cases of murder in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico that the IAPA has submitted to it and it has been following up.

The resolutions adopted at the Aruba meeting call for action on the murder and/or disappearance of 50 journalists in Mexico, 21 in Brazil, eight in Colombia, six in Honduras and one each in Bolivia, Haiti and Peru since 1987.

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