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February 7, 2013
Police solve crimes against journalists in Rio de Janeiro, Sergipe
Clarinha Glock, RRU-Brazil

Sergipe—The murder of Edmilson de Jesus, known on the radio as “Edmilson dos Cachinhos,” on October 28, 2012 was not connected to his professional activities, according to Deputy Viviane Jardim, head of the Homicide Division of the Itabaiana Regional Department in Sergipe, who investigated the crime.

At a press conference on February 5, 2013 she said that the investigation led to the detention of suspect José Jean do Carmo Mota. “The victim sporadically used social networks and the telephone to arrange get-togethers. The day of the crime at around 6:30 p.m. the victim sought to make contact with the perpetrator but the latter did not answer the call and he tried again later. After agreeing to the meeting José Jean do Carmo Mota went to the radio station, where the crime occurred,” said Jardim. “After a discussion about a non-payment by the victim the accused killed him,” she explained.

More information at : (Portuguese).

Rio de Janeiro—The murder of radio reporter Renato Machado Gonçalves on January 8, 2012 was not connected to his work as a journalist, according to Deputy Madeleine Farias Rangel Bôa Morte of the São Paulo da Barra 145th Police Department. In an interview with the IAPA she said that the cause of the crime was believed to have been jealousy on the part of a former boyfriend of Gonçalves’ wife. Detained provisionally are Gilmar Barrera Ramos Júnior, known as “Cachaça,” accused of the shooting; João Roberto da Silva, accused of being the intermediary and providing an escape for the killer, and Eloy Barcelos de Almeida Lopes, the journalist’s wife’s former boyfriend, accused of being the mastermind. Lopes denied having participated in the crime.

Investigations into the murder of Eduardo Carvalho Ribeiro are continuing

Mato Grosso do Sul—The Campo Grande Homicide Department is continuing to investigate the murder of retired police officer and owner of the Web site Noticias Ultima Hora (UH NEWS), Eduardo Carvalho Ribeiro. The crime occurred on November 21, 2012 in Campo Grande, capital of Mato Grosso do Sul state. According to Deputy Edilson dos Santos Silva the investigations are at the stage of review of the material evidence and telephone records. He said the cause of the murder has not been proved and he recalled that Carvalho was a very controversial person. “The police have more than 30 formal complaints against the journalist alleging defamation and libel.” he said. “He could have been killed for denunciations broadcast on the radio or due to demands he had made not to broadcast them,” the deputy added.

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