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In this area are compiled reports that may or may not be linked to the legal proceedings contained in this page, as well as any other information that affects the climate of impunity or justice surrounding crimes against journalists.
2010 - 10 - 22

The northern state of Chihuahua, considered to be the most violent in Mexico because of the actions of those in the illicit drug trade there and which is on the border with the United States, ordered that those who murder journalists must face life imprisonment, the state Congress reported yesterday (October 21).

2010 - 10 - 21

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) reported this week on its appeal regarding the case of journalist Narciso Gonzalez Medina versus the Government of the Dominican Republic which it submitted on May 2, 2010 to the Inter-American Human Rights Court, dealing with the forced disappearance of this columnist, university professor and opposition leader.

2010 - 10 - 20

The IAPA condemned the murder of journalist Francisco Gomes de Medeiros in Rio Grande de Norte, Brazil, and called on local officials to act promptly to bring the murderers to justice.

2010 - 10 - 19
Clarinha Glock, URR-Brasil

O radialista Francisco Gomes de Medeiros, 46 anos, o F. Gomes, foi assassinado por volta das 21h da segunda-feira, dia 18 de outubro de 2010, quando estava sentado na calçada em frente a sua casa, no bairro Paraíba, em Caicó. Um homem em uma moto disparou cinco tiros contra Gomes, que chegou a ser levado para o Hospital Reginal de Seridó, onde acabou morrendo.

2010 - 10 - 7
La Patria

The Attorney General’s Office is continuing to unravel the possible links of the criminal network behind the murder of the managing editor of the La Patria newspaper, Orlando Sierra Hernández. Subsequent to linking Ferney Tapasco González and Dixon Tapasco Triviño to it through their statements the arrest was announced of Oscar Alonso López Escobar, alleged to be the intermediary between the supposed masterminds and hired gunmen.

2010 - 10 - 5

The president of the Inter American Press Association (IAPA), Alejandro Aguirre, today insisted to Peru’s judiciary that a special jurisdiction be established to deal with crimes against journalists, an initiative that would encourage a full frontal attack upon impunity and which also has the support of that country’s President Alan García.

2010 - 9 - 29

Miami (September 29, 2010) The IAPA today welcomed a decision by the Colombian Attorney General’s Office to link two former congressmen to the January 30, 2002, murder of journalist Orlando Sierra Hernández, calling it “a great step forward in the battle against impunity.”

2010 - 9 - 28

Geneva.- Horrified by the growing number of journalists killed since the beginning of this year adding up to 90 journalists in 33 countries, the Press Emblem Campaign (PEC) sends an urgent call to all concerned parties stating the facts that despite efforts to downsize the number of victims among journalists, this year’s tally shows an worrying increase of 25 percent over the number killed last year during the same reporting period (72 journalists).

2010 - 9 - 24

MEXICO CITY, (September 24, 2010) During yesterday’s forum “Mexico Under Siege by Organized Crime,” organized by the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) and the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), the Mexican press was called upon to unite to better combat the violence against journalists and to pay attention to developments in the promises made by Mexico’s President Felipe Calderón.

2010 - 9 - 22

MEXICO CITY, Mexico (September 22, 2010)—Mexico’s President Felipe Calderón announced today at a working session with an international delegation from the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) and the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) his commitment to set press freedom on the national agenda, double efforts to ensure the safety of reporters and push for legal reform making crimes against journalists offenses under federal law.

2010 - 9 - 21

International delegations from the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) and the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) are to meet tomorrow with Mexico’s President Felipe Calderón to discuss developments concerning press freedom and the need for journalists and news media to be protected from violence being unleashed by organized crime.

2010 - 9 - 17

Miami (September 17, 2010)—The Inter American Press Association (IAPA) today expressed alarm and condemnation of an attack on two news photographers from El Diario in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua State. One photographer was killed and the other injured. The organization also announced that it will discuss the issue of safety and violence against the press during a meeting scheduled next week with Mexico’s President Felipe Calderón.

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